Families are awesome!

The deal with shooting families is creating a vibe where people feel comfortable being themselves. It’s funky to do because I have this crazy camera rig and I’m a stranger, right? But since I’ve made a TON of cringeworthy decisions in my life (OMG!) I know how it feels to feel awkward. I know how to be comfortable with discomfort.

I get it. Be chill. Don’t sweat it. I got your back.

The thing I’m trying to make is everyone feeling like they can be themselves on a Saturday morning. You know how comfy you feel when you wake up? Hair looking like someone lit your head on fire and put it out with a shovel, pajamas with a worn hem and mysterious stains, odd smell from weird places, pancakes and syrup, kids screaming while chasing each other around the house?

That. That right there is the vibe we’re going to try to recreate.

Life isn’t always looking in the camera hiding your worries behind a well practiced grin at work. It’s gritty and real. Joyful and hysterical. Sometimes it’s disappointing too. It’s being present in your world and still defiantly choosing to tenderly love and rejoice in the triumph of your family.

That’s how life is, man. We’ll work to capture the genuine dissonance of it all. Because in the coming years you’ll look back on these pictures and remember what the pancakes smelled like, how floppy and messy your kids’ hair looked like as they smiled a grin with missing teeth. That’s what matters 20 years from now. Those are the memories that will carry you when the tough times visit and when the sunrise reminds of a the echo of your child’s giggle.

So let’s chat over coffee.

What kind of story is your family?


Fees start at $250

I have a special discount for single parent families. DM me for details, cool? You guys have a seriously difficult challenge.

My favorite shoots are when a family is at their best being authentic, wild and themselves in a place where they feel familiar and comfortable. It could be at the studio. Could be at your home. Could be at the river. It’s up to what means the most to you.

-About one hour session.

You get access to all the edited images via

-online gallery

-direct cloud download


Snazzy custom USB drive starts at $80

Sweet looking custom wooden box with Snazzy USB drive inside starts at $135

Sweet looking custom wooden box to hold both 15 of your awesome mounted 4x6’s and your Snazzy USB drive starts at $240