So The Middle One (listed below) is not just the middle package, It’s also the one most people choose. It seems to work out.

The fees I list below are just starting points. I’m about $500 an hour. That covers getting to the wedding location in the Philly area, a second shooter and access to all the images on a sweet looking thumb drive crafted by the magical hands of singing robots. It’s not weird. They’re programmed to sing.

And in the same way a movie or a TV show is a story with a budget so is your wedding day. The fee and deliverables go up or down depending on your needs and your resources. You feel me?


With that in mind.

What kind of story do you want to tell and what’s your budget?

 Is the pricing is subject to change? Yes. Yes it is.

(Look, I like you and I think you smell nice but, yeah, this is a business and I want to take my kids to Disneyland.)

Tom and Eufemio Wedding_0186.jpg

Mr. Adorable $1000

This package works great for 2 hour elopements or if you’re tight on a budget and clear on what you want.


The Middle One $3000

This is the most commonly chosen package. With good planning we can get everything you need in 6 hours.


Princess Opulent - $7895

This is everything from the other packages to include a wedding book, second photographer and 10 hours.


If you’re curious about the cost of flying me out to your location then click the big-ass button below.